Sales success and leader of its segment for 17 years thanks to its versatility and robustness, the Fiat Strada arrives renewed in its line 2018. Made for daily use whether at work, freight, or even for family and fun, the new line of the pick-up arrives with the objective of serving the consumer in a way even more suited to the purposes of its versions.
In 2018 the Fiat Strada has a more rational configuration in the Working and Hard Working versions, very focused on the work and commercial use of the vehicle. Columns, ceiling fabric, door handles and door handles, among other items were darkened, giving a cleaner appearance for longer inside the car. Already in the Adventure version, the priority of the line 2018 was due to the improvement of comfort, offering more technology on board and with the exclusive multimedia center of 6.2 inches Mopar as standard. All versions have changed the location of the USB port, which is now in the central console, much more practical and more accessible for loading.The Fiat Strada 2018 has six purchase options in its new range: Working 1.4 Single cabin, Hard Working 1.4 Single cabin, Hard Working 1.4 Cabin extended, Hard Working 1.4 Double cabin, Adventure 1.8 Extended cabin and Adventure 1.8 Double cabin.
In addition to the new darkened interior suitable for work and its standard items such as on board computer, protector and bucket lighting, among others, the Working version comes to the market offering options such as crankcase protector and rear window grille, predisposition for radio, radio with USB connection and hot air.
The Hard Working versions carry the same packages of the entry version and they also have the new version identification on the rear, air conditioning, power steering, steering wheel adjustment, darkened wheels, crankcase protector, among others. As options the version offers a variety of items such as: sea top, sunglasses holder, door hinges with ‘Hard Working’ sign, fog lights, power windows and locks, rear sliding windows, rear parking sensors, radio Connect with CD player, USB and Bluetooth, integral hubcaps and 14-inch alloy wheels for dual cab.

In the top-of-the-line versions, Adventure 1.8, the consumer will note the new multimedia center that comes with digital TV, CD / DVD player, AM / FM radio, Bluetooth connection, GPS navigator and rear parking camera, plus a wide range of series items that count on everything that the Working and Hard Working versions already have, as well as various other items such as compass and inclinometers, leather steering wheel with radio control, sea top, 16-inch alloy wheels, as well as the entire visual characterization. This makes Adventure one of the most complete products in its segment. The only option is the Locker differential.The consumer can choose from 6 color options, three solid (Banchisa White, Alpine Red and Vulcano Black) and three metallic ones (Silver Bari, Tellurium Gray and Amazon Green). There are also Tellurium Gray and Amazon Green, exclusive to the Adventure versions.In addition to the 12 months of the contractual guarantee, the consumer can contract another 12 or 24 months of direct coverage at the concessionaire through MOPAR (Mopar Vehicle Protection), which also offers, along with vehicle financing, a tailor made revision plan, two to ten revisions. There is also the option of extending or complementing the Confiat 24-Hour Assistance products, which extend the protections for the customer.
With news, more versions and content as a series, the Fiat Strada 2018 comes much more competitive to the market, with technology gain and options for all tastes and pockets.
Check out the prices of the versions below:
Strada Working 1.4 Single Cabin – R $ 47.250
Strada Hard Working 1.4 Simple Cabin – R $ 53,490
Strada Hard Working 1.4 Extended Cab – $ 60,240
Strada Hard Working 1.4 Double Cab – R $ 63,740
Strada Adventure 1.8 Extended Cabin – US $ 39.99
Strada Adventure 1.8 Double Cab – R $ 75,490
2018 – FIAT UNO

The Fiat Uno has been innovating and presenting new solutions in its segment over the last years. Today it is one of the most complete and safe cars in front of its direct competitors, also highlighting the excellent handling and comfort on board. In 2016, in addition to its design renewal, it has made a significant technological leap with a focus on efficiency and performance, in which the new Firefly engine family stands out. Positioning itself among the best in the category, with unprecedented levels in low fuel consumption combined with high performance already at low engine speeds.Now Fiat Uno has just won its 2018 line, which continues to evolve and bring more news. Keeping a very versatile range of versions, which meet various types of tastes, needs and pockets, privileging the excellent cost-benefit in all its configurations.Among the highlights of the model, the new generation of the automated gearbox, which is present in Uno since its 2017 line, is now called GSR-Comfort, as in the Fiat Mobi.This new denomination reinforces all the gain in comfort and stability achieved in its last generation. It is present in the versions of the model with the engine Firefly 1.3, offering even more smoothness and pleasure in driving, especially in situations of intense traffic, which reinforces the vocation of an urban and versatile car.The new line 2018 of the Fiat Uno also expands its technological package with a new innovation for all its versions: it gains the ITPMS (indirect tire pressure monitoring system), which automatically detects when there is an inadequate pressure in one or more tires after the last calibration.Through the TFT instrument panel, the system alerts the driver, stating the need to check the tire pressure. What helps a lot in:- Security . Prevents accidents caused by loss of tire pressure. The system informs the instrument panel of the need to calibrate tire pressure.
– Maintenance . Prevents premature wear of the tires, increasing the useful life without the need for early changes.
– Economy . Prevents increased fuel consumption caused by loss of tire pressure, helping maximum efficiency and low consumption of modern Firefly engines.

For the high level of contents and for being very well equipped, such as electric steering with CITY function, ITPMS, Hill Holder, stability and traction control, GSR transmission driven by buttons, Paddle Shift, Sport key, Start & Stop, among others functions, the Fiat Uno versions have a high perceived value, positioning the model above its competitors in technology and innovation.
In addition to the factory contents, the Fiat Uno 2018 can still be equipped with more than 160 items in the Mopar accessories line, such as a multimedia center with a 6.2-inch touch screen, alarm, anti-theft screw kit, a lot more.
Mopar Vehicle Protection also offers, in addition to 24-hour assistance, the possibility of hiring a warranty extension and revision plan, which can be added to installments in the financing of the car.
Check below the new line of Uno 2018, which arrives quite complete from its entry version, which happens to be called Drive, and the prices of each version:
Drive 1.0 – R $ 42,980
Way 1.0 – R $ 44,150
Way 1.3 – $ 49,120
Way 1.3 GSR – R $ 53,630
Sporting 1.3 – R $ 51.080
Sporting 1.3 GSR – R $ 55,580

Abarth’s most important novelty at the Geneva Motor Show was the Abarth 124 Spider. It really surprised everyone what the scorpion’s brand achieved with the new Italian model, completing a very attractive product thanks to a more radical aesthetic and a more powerful engine that has an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h fulfilled in only 6.8 seconds. Alongside this, the Fiat sports brand revealed the Abarth 124 Rally, a version of the 124 homologated for the competition.The Abarth Racing team was in charge of developing the brand’s new model. They were keen to re-create a version dedicated to the world of competition after forty years. And it’s been almost four decades, when in 1967, at the Monte Carlo Rally, they took part last time in a sporting event. Thus, the Abarth 124 Rally means much more than a new version of the model, expresses the expected return and a return to that philosophy of the brand that made it so famous.The Abarth 124 Rally is equipped with a powerful direct-injection 1.8-liter turbo engine that develops 300 horsepower at 6,500 rpm. This mechanic is associated with a six-speed sequential transmission, a set that has been worked out taking into account the high temperatures that must be faced in races and the conditions of snow, dirt and water that you should find running in different typical rally tracks.The dynamic capability of the Abarth 124 Rally, as it could not be otherwise, is its highlight. The model is mounted with a limited mechanical slip differential, among other elements, and a motor placement behind the front axle. The center of gravity was improved, the weight was reduced by working with lighter materials and the canvas hood was replaced by a hard top. With all these modifications, the prepared version for the competition received the homologation for the category FIA GT-R.Another difference found with the road model is in the suspension system. The Abarth 124 Rally features a double fork suspension at the front and multi-link on the rear axle. Likewise, it features a specific lighting system on the front, an interior where materials such as Alcantara are found and new details that seek to save weight. It is being shown at the Geneva Motor Show, awaiting its official debut in the rally season in 2017.

The Abarth 124 Spider is a more sporting version of the Fiat 124 Spider, the new Italian roadster made from the same platform as the Mazda MX-5. As usual in the versions with the scorpion emblem, there are aesthetic and mechanical changes in the model that has its arrival in the European market scheduled for September.
Highlight the color scheme on the outside with two shades, black and white, contrasting with the details in red. There are also four exhaust tips, 17-inch wheels with Brembo aluminumcalipers at the front and a Monza Record exhaust system comes standard.
Underneath the hood is a 1.4 Multiair turbo engine with 170 hp and 250 Nm of torque (30 hp and 10 Nm more than the conventional model), and can be coupled to a six-speed manual or sequential transmission with butterflies on the steering wheel. Its weight is 1,060 kg. With these characteristics, it announces an acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds and a top speed of 230 km / h.

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